Since summer 2016 I have been a resident artist in Ceramics Studio Co-op that Anna Baskakova and I have co-founded in May 2014.

This page has some highlights from these years of my work with ceramics, the medium which intricacies now define so many aspects of my livelihood and art practice.

My first steps in ceramics were made under the watch of Anna Baskakova and Tessa Eastman, who trained me at classes at the first months. Lately I work in much more independent manner sometimes collaborating with Anna on our studio range basic wares: mugs, jars and bowls.

Tessa Eastman (right) and Anna Baskakova (left) mixing glazes in Ceramics Studio Co-op, 2014

My latest work from 2016 includes work with terracotta and coloured slips and exploration of different clays and clay decoration. Mostly my ceramics process is slow and it means I practice about 6 hours p/week. I do not rush at making many pieces, and mostly focus on developing aesthetic language that is mostly about developing my relationship with clay and glazing and is militantly focused quality in making and technical challenge to my skill.

Nicola Adams, Rio flyweight gold, 2016
Nicola Adams, Rio flyweight gold, 2016


Recent ceramics projects:

Terracotta, for Rob Carter 2016 (ongoing)

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